Escape the Spreadsheet Hell

Excel – or in fact any spreadsheet application of this kind – can be an incredibly powerful, simple yet sophisticated tool. When things go wrong, however, it can cause some serious damage, as strikingly illustrated by the billions of dollars of losses racked up by JPMorgan’s Chief Investment Office through some spreadsheet errors.

What are the problems caused by the use of spreadsheets in large organisations?

  • It requires excessive maintenance: Think of all the people who maintain a lot of Excel data on distributed servers or even on local computers. How much effort do they spend to search, consolidate and summarize data on a regular basis?
  • It is only a single-user application: Excel is an application that is file-based and works well if only a single user maintains each file. How should several people work with the same file simultaneously?
  • It creates inconsistent data: It is a natural consequence from the previous point that users start copying and sending files by email. What is one to expect from this other than a lot of redundant, inconsistent or false data?
  • It is inherently insecure: Spreadsheets can be accessed by most of the users. You don't have control of who is seeing what. How do you ensure that data is not leaving the corporate network?

You Can Do Better!

Here's how PQForce solves the above problems.

Only one data model

There's only one data model in PQForce. Changes by any user are consequently and naturally propagated throughout the data model. PQForce automatically consolidates and summarizes data and creates reports. Depending on the organisation's size, this safes all the work typically done by dozens of project leaders, portfolio managers etc.

Multi-user application

PQForce is built for hundreds of users that may simultaneously work on the same system and on the same data. There is no need to check objects out. Due to the role-based permission management, the system ensures data integrity. And all data is available everywhere and anytime.

Centralized data management

There's no need to send data forth and back. Data is available anytime and everywhere. And PQForce ensures data consistency.

Secure by nature

All data is stored in a certified datacenter in Switzerland. We take care of back-ups. And with the role-based permission model of PQForce, you get the full control of who gets access to what. Data access runs via HTTPS.

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