Where is "the Cloud"?

PQForce is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, delivered from the cloud. But with PQForce, the cloud is not just some abstract notion. Our cloud is a highly secure datacenter located in Switzerland. 

  • Your data is stored and backed up in highly secure data centers in Switzerland (ISO 27’000, FINMA certified).
  • You have the data ownership and decide who will get access to it.
  • Users access your data via a secured Internet connection (HTTPS).
  • Swiss data protection law guarantees legal safety.

Our Cloud, Your Benefits

In short, here's what you get from us.

Easy to use

PQForce has a never-seen-before user interface. It requires hardly any training. Your intuition will give you a kick-start.

Anytime & anywhere

Access your data at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a modern browser and a standard internet connection.

Backups included

Your data reside in our highly secure datacenter and get backed up regularly. We take care of that.

No infrastructure

PQForce is software-as-a-service. No servers needed, no IT to be involved. Just subscribe and use it.

No maintenance

PQForce features new releases in short cycles. You don't notice any maintenance interruptions, only new features.

Lower costs

And the best of all: PQForce substantially reduces costs – less data processing, less infrastructure, more productivity.

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