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Escape the spreadsheet hell

Eliminate costly, error-prone processes and data redundancy. Use the time and management resources for better things.

Lots of companies use Excel – or any other spreadsheet application – to manage their portfolio, projects and resources. Spreadsheets can be incredibly powerful, simple yet sophisticated tools. When things go wrong, however, it can cause some serious damage¹.

1. How The London Whale Debacle Is Partly The Result Of An Error Using Excel

Spreadsheet management is often time consuming and inefficient


Excel files require a lot of manual maintenance

How much time and effort do you and your colleagues regularly spend searching, collecting and consolidating distributed data across the corporate network?


Excel-based applications only work well as single-user applications

How often do several colleagues want to work on the same file at the same time? How often are copies therefore made, creating redundancies and inconsistencies?


Exchanging files via email generates a lot of redundancy

How often do you have to pick out the "right" data from multiple copies and resolve inconsistencies?


Excel data is inherently insecure because access control is missing

How do you ensure that data is only accessible to the intended users and that data does not leave the company via e-mail?

Gain the power to do this much better

Exactly one data model

PQFORCE has exactly ONE data model. Data mutations are thus propagated consistently and naturally through the data model. PQFORCE automatically consolidates data for you, e.g. to calculate key figures. Depending on the size of the organization, this already saves the search and consolidation efforts of dozens of project managers, portfolio managers and department heads.

Safe by nature

All your data is located in a Swiss data center and transferred to your browser via secure data connections. And PQFORCE's role-based access rights ensure that you have full access control.

A true multi-user application

PQFORCE was developed for hundreds of users working with the data simultaneously. Objects do not have to be checked out, but can be processed in parallel and in real time. The PQFORCE authorization concept ensures data integrity.

Centralized data management

There is no reason to send data back and forth. Your data is available anytime, anywhere with PQFORCE.

Let PQFORCE do the tedious work, concentrate on the rest

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