Step by step to perfection with PQFORCE Advanced Edition

Take full control of your management processes and organize yourself in a project-oriented manner

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Control your business down to the smallest detail

More control over your processes - with approval workflows, sub-portfolios, budget management and much more


Compare and calibrate results to make informed decisions

Simulate different possible scenarios for your portfolio before making important decisions


Make the best use of all your resources

Complete control over your resources through skills management, shift planning, task scheduling and more


Select the appropriate standard configuration

The PQFORCE Advanced Edition is available in industry-specific configurations. For public administrations, the well-known HERMES project management methodology is relevant. Companies in the construction industry, on the other hand, rely on the SIA model. And organizations with a strong research and development character require a stage-gate process. For all these cases, there is a suitable PQFORCE Advanced Edition.

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Advanced functions

On top of the Starter Edition features, with PQFORCE Advanced Edition you get more configurability and functionalities.

Portfolio simulator

Create simulations to find the optimal resource utilization

Risk management

Record and track project risks and the corresponding measures

Skill management

Expand resource management to find the right resources more efficiently

Meeting management

All information like agenda, participants and tasks at 1 place


Create your own charts with portfolio and project evaluations

Holiday calendar

Location-dependent holiday calendars for different departments

Approval workflows

Change management and quality assurance under control thanks to phase and repeat releases

Budget mangement

Create budgets on portfolios and allocate top-down to projects

Document storage

Store relevant documents directly in PQFORCE or link them in place

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of functionalities and compare the PQFORCE editions

Import and export data easily

Simply drag and drop MS Project files. And export project plans, reports, task lists, etc. as PDF or Excel files.

The help you need to get off to a carefree start

With the PQFORCE Advanced Edition, personal support is also available to you. This way you can get started with PQFORCE without stress. We help you with the initial data import or with competent process and organizational consulting to get you quickly from 0 to 100.

Security and support

Data in Switzerland

Security where it's needed: Your data in a modern, ISO 27001 certified data center in Switzerland.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Convenience where it makes sense: Log in to PQFORCE with your existing company account as well.

Support included

Support where it is needed: By e-mail or also by telephone. A standard SLA is included in the usage license.

Do you have further questions about PQFORCE Advanced Edition?

  • How does the pricing scheme work with PQFORCE Advanced Edition?

    As with all other editions, the price for the PQFORCE Advanced Edition depends on the selected number of resources and projects. Higher volumes result in a lower price per unit. Additionally, there is a term discount if you choose a longer contract and billing period.

  • How many users can I register in the Advanced Edition?

    The PQFORCE Advanced Edition can contain 20 to a maximum of 3,000 resources, depending on the subscription. Each user is associated with a staff resource. This means that 19 to 2'999 employee resources and thus as many users can be added to your system, depending on the subscription. (1 resource is reserved to represent the top-level company unit and cannot be used as an employee resource).

  • How do I cancel my subscription to PQFORCE Advanced Edition?

    You can deactivate the automatic renewal of your PQFORCE subscription in the Customer Center. Your subscription will then become inactive at the end of the current billing cycle. Inactive subscription systems are automatically deleted after 90 days.

  • When will I receive invoices?

    You are automatically billed for your subscription at the end of a billing cycle. You will also be asked to pay when you upgrade your subscription from Starter Edition to Advanced Edition.

  • What other PQFORCE editions are available?

    For smaller companies or to try out PQFORCE on a smaller scale, there is theFree Edition and theStarter Edition. If you are a large company or have special needs that can be solved with custom configurations, please contact us for theEnterprise Edition.

Effortlessly manage growing complexity at all levels

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