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The all-in-one solution for company-wide, project-oriented planning.

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Strategic project portfolio management

PQFORCE helps you find the optimal mix of projects and make the best use of resources. Get significantly more out of existing capacities and know-how. Increase company-wide productivity.

Project overviews with key figures and status tables at the push of a button - all in real time

Which projects are running in which areas? Which ones are in the pipeline? How are the projects classified in terms of importance, urgency, size or complexity? In PQFORCE you will find answers to such and similar questions at the push of a button. And of course always with real-time data.

Get into a project with just 1 click for details if needed

Why is the cost traffic light on red? What applications have been submitted? What individual risks does the project manager see? What is the forecast for material costs? With just a few clicks, you can view the project details to get an idea of the respective project yourself.

Create what-if scenarios with a few drag-and-drop operations

What happens if a project falls a few weeks behind schedule? Which new projects can we still afford with the existing capacities? Which departments are overloaded in which time periods if we still start this project? With PQFORCE such questions can be answered at any time. You are no longer dependent on statements and opinions. Get a picture for yourself - at any time.

Agile project management? Sure!

Agile project management is not simply Scrum or SAFe. Agility in the company also means, above all, handling projects according to the most appropriate methodology depending on the character and situation.

PQFORCE is the planning tool for every project manager

PQFORCE does not stop below portfolio management. On the contrary. Where pure PPM systems draw their line, the core elements of PQFORCE are located. This is where projects are planned, executed and controlled. At this level, detailed plans are created, tasks defined and resources allocated. Everything in the same platform, everything in the browser, without additional installation. Everything in PQFORCE.

Finding the Right Resource for the Task

Having a project plan is only half the battle. Can the planned tasks be completed in the planned time? Do we have the right resource with the required know-how available? With PQFORCE, you as a project manager can answer these questions immediately. Display the available resources with their workloads and free capacities right on the spot in the project plan. And filter easily according to the required skills. Here and now. Without asking anyone.

Reporting is no longer a tedious burden. It can also be fun.

As a project manager, concentrate on the essentials. Leave the searching and consolidation of data to someone who can do it faster. Leave it to PQFORCE. You can create your monthly project reports at the push of a button. PQFORCE automatically populates the status indicators from your project data. Forecast dates from the project plan, actual efforts from the reported activities of the employees, or forecast costs from the cost planning. And target/actual comparisons with status tables are, of course, hardly worth mentioning.

Efficient resource management

Resource management in the project world is an interaction between project leaders and portfolio managers on the one hand and line managers on the other. With PQFORCE, everyone works on the same data basis.

Take care of your resources. Make the best use of them.

With PQFORCE you always have an overview of the employees in your unit. Who has which workload and when? Which project tasks are assigned to whom? What impact do absences have on capacities? PQFORCE is your tool when it comes to project-oriented HRM. Working time models, work locations and cost rates of employees can be conveniently recorded, of course also correctly historicized. This makes the interaction with project managers and the release of resources for projects a breeze.

Get everything you need to be in control.

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