We enable our customers to organize themselves in the best possible way in the project business from top management to the operational level - both strategically and in day-to-day business.

Our mission - our promise

The company and management behind PQFORCE

INTRASOFT is a Swiss software service provider. We have our development site in Hünenberg (Switzerland). Our development team consists of highly qualified software engineers with academic education and above-average commitment and passion for software development. Our partner company BOTTSTONE in Milan (Italy) supports us in product design and user experience.
Ugur Bastas
Dr. Daniel Hösli
Managing Director

How it all began

In 2010, the perennial question of Ugur Bastas and Daniel Hösli, at that time both in the management of the "HELVETING Companies", was: How do we organize our horde of scientists and engineers in all country offices in the constantly changing project orders of our clientele? This question occupied us both strategically and in our day-to-day business. At the same time, we had to fill the project pipeline and maintain a project portfolio of customer orders, as well as optimally schedule the workforce, i.e. skill-based, for these projects and tasks in order to achieve the fullest possible workload at all times.

When evaluating suitable software solutions, it quickly became clear that this solution did not exist. Most of the customers, including many large international companies, were also using self-made, distributed Excel applications. This was the birth of the idea to develop a platform like PQFORCE and to close a gap in the market.

Facts about INTRASOFT

INTRASOFT was founded in 1992 as a software development service provider. Since then, INTRASOFT has successfully developed a variety of different, customer-specific software solutions for multinational companies such as Schindler or Bühler as well as for administration-related groups such as SBB and Swisscom. In 2014, INTRASOFT was then realigned with venture capital as a solution provider with the flagship product PQFORCE. Since 2014, the company has been operating independently under the ownership of Franz Hess and Ugur Bastas and the management of Dr. Daniel Hösli.

PQFORCE is our management philosophy

We see PQFORCE as a management tool for modern enterprises. For organizations that want to proactively meet the constant changes in the market. We develop PQFORCE as an instrument to make your company agile and to keep it on course - at all times and under all circumstances. With PQFORCE, we deliver the solution to master the transition from mere "run the business" to the increasingly important "change the business".

PQFORCE will change the way you run your business for good. With PQFORCE, we give every project-oriented organization the means to

  • adapt flexibly to constantly changing framework conditions;
  • to make project and resource management efficient and effective throughout the company;
  • and thus concentrate on what really counts: Your core competence.

Our values accompany us in every decision-making step


We are constantly adapting ourselves and our product to new business conditions. We develop ideas and take a leading role in the market.


Each team member acts competently and professionally in his or her role. We respect each other and take responsibility.


We have big goals and achieve them together step by step. We are persistent when we are convinced of something.


We are open to new ideas and listen to our customers. We communicate honestly and also address unpleasant issues in good time.


We look for common ground and solutions that fit everyone as much as possible. We value and respect the opinions of team members and customers.

And here you can find us

Hünenberg ZG


Rothusstrasse 15

6331 Hünenberg ZG


Phone: +41 41 429 08 80

Fax: +41 41 429 08 88

Email: info@intrasoft.ch



Via Pola 11

20124 Milano


Phone: +39 0299 749 216

Email: info@bottstone.com

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