Embrace new business opportunities

Is your company in the project consulting business and do you have a strong affinity for IT-supported processes and digital transformation? Expand your service offering with modern project, portfolio and resource management software. The following partnership programs are available for you to choose from.

Different partner roles

Sales Partner

Establish contacts with new customers, demonstrate the benefits of PQFORCE to them and benefit from attractive commissions.

Consulting Partner

Master our software from A to Z. Help your customers with your know-how during the introduction of PQFORCE and also afterwards - with long-term account management and perfect support.

Integration Partner

You develop customer-specific software solutions and thus integrate PQFORCE with third-party products. You build interfaces for seamless data exchange at your customers.

Complete a certification with us and get started as a PQFORCE partner

We offer ongoing training courses for new and existing partners - free of charge. Sign a partner agreement with us, complete the required training modules of the foundation course and get certified as a PQFORCE partner.

Module 1

Get to know the PQFORCE user functionalities

The module consists of 2 half-day courses and shows the whole range of user functionalities. Thus, the participants receive a sound training to be able to train users on the customer side in a role-oriented manner. The module is a prerequisite for obtaining the partner roles "Sales Partner" and "Consulting Partner".

Module 2

System configuration - from standard to customized solution

In this module you will learn about the versatile configuration options of PQFORCE. This will enable you to advise customers in detail and adapt PQFORCE to their needs. The module is a prerequisite for the certification as "Consulting Partner".

Module 3

The PQFORCE REST API and interface possibilities

Here, we show the possibilities around the REST API and, above all, also go into how interfaces are to be specified so that they can be implemented efficiently by an Integration Partner. The module is a prerequisite for obtaining the partner roles "Consulting Partner" and "Integration Partner".

Module 4

The integration framework PQFORCE Agent for building customer-specific interfaces

This module deals with the PQFORCE Agent as a framework to develop system integrations. It is aimed at software developers or integration specialists and is the prerequisite for obtaining the "Integration Partner" partner certificate.

Upcoming training courses and live webinars

13 July 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #1
PM Methods & Project Phase Models
13 July 2022 | 16:00-17:00h (recording available)
We show how a project phase model such as HERMES can be mapped in PQFORCE. We will go into the configuration options of the PQFORCE Enterprise Edition and demonstrate how phase transitions can be controlled using the release workflow.
10 August 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #2
Allocate resources to projects
10 August 2022 | 16:00-17:00h
We show how resources can be allocated to tasks in projects. What types of allocations are there? How does an allocation appear in the workload diagram? What happens if a task is postponed or extended? We also show the interaction between project managers as demand generators and resource managers as resource providers.
7 September 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #3
Project initialization
7 September 2022 | 16:00-17:00h
How is a project initialized? When does a project "begin"? With an idea? Or a customer order? We will go into the project lifecycle as well as the project charter and show what kind of configuration options PQFORCE offers.
5 October 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #4
Working with the Gantt plan in the project
5 October 2022 | 16:00-17:00h
In this webinar, we will show what PQFORCE can do for project planning with a Gantt plan. How is the project structure created? What is the importance of tasks in planning and how can they be related to each other via dependencies? We also go into the many details of the presentation and show how the task details can be maintained in tabular form.
9 November 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #5
Plan and monitor project costs
9 November 2022 | 16:00-17:00h
How can project costs be recorded and planned as cost items? How is a planned cost history created? And how are target and actual costs compared in the project? Here we also show aspects such as cost types, payment plan and the recording of residual values or plan variances. In addition, we show how cost items can be linked to the Gantt plan.
14 December 2022

Advanced course

Webinar #6
Enter and release project status reports
14 December 2022 | 16:00-17:00h
Here we demonstrate how project status reports can be designed in PQFORCE and equipped with status indicators. We show how such status reports can be filled out and submitted via a workflow for review and approval. In addition, we see how an overview of the status reports available in the projects is called up at the portfolio level ("traffic light overview").
18 January 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #7
Configure fields and selection lists easily
18 January 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
In this webinar, we will show how to easily create data entry screens with input fields on different object types via the customer portal. Such input fields have a type and can thus accommodate different data such as text, a date or even a value from a selection list. Also the selection lists can be defined arbitrarily. Furthermore, various options are available with which the fields can be arranged and thus an own layout can be created.
8 February 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #8
The REST API and token-based authentication for third-party applications
8 February 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
PQFORCE has an open, documented interface. This rather technical webinar is about this PQFORCE interface, the so-called API (Application Programming Interface). We will show how a third party application, such as an ERP system, can log into PQFORCE with a Bearer Token and use the API to get data from PQFORCE or even pass data to PQFORCE. But also from Excel you can log on to PQFORCE with some programming know-how (keyword VBA) and get data and process it in Excel as you like. We will show you an example of how this works.
15 March 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #9
Simple automated field calculations with JavaScript
15 March 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
The PQFORCE server is programmed in Java. Nevertheless, it also understands the programming language JavaScript (JS). Thus, customer-specific automations can be programmed in JS and injected into the server via the API. This results in an almost inexhaustible number of use cases. In this webinar, we'll use the simplest examples to show how this can be done without having to be a JS crack. We'll take the case where a field is to be automatically calculated and populated. From this we can then derive any similar cases.
12 April 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #10
Generate automated e-mail reports
12 April 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
The PQFORCE server contains extremely valuable data about projects and resources. This can be used to generate many types of summaries, so-called reports, which serve as a basis for management decisions. In this webinar we will show how JavaScript automations can be used to compile such customized reports from the raw data and send them periodically or even ad hoc by e-mail. From this, any further evaluations or charts can then be generated, e.g. in Excel or other data processing and visualization programs.
10 May 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #11
Set up role-specific email reminders
10 May 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
Every now and then it happens that an employee forgets to fulfill his duties and, for example, enters important information for others in PQFORCE. Hours worked are forgotten to be recorded. Requested resources are not released. Or change requests are not checked and approved. In such cases, a system that periodically reminds users of outstanding tasks can help. Such e-mail notifications can be set up in a customer-specific and role-appropriate manner. Here we show how it can be done.
14 Juni 2023

Advanced course

Webinar #12
Define roles and their permissions
14 June 2023 | 16:00-17:00h
In PQFORCE there are many users and each of them works differently with the system, depending on their function and tasks. This is what the user roles are for. They assign permissions to the users, with which they can then perform their tasks and see and edit the respective data - or not. In this webinar, we will show how the authorization system works conceptually, how roles and their authorizations are defined, and also how the concrete authorizations of users can be retrieved.

Find more answers about the PQFORCE partnership here.

  • How can I get more information about the PQFORCE Partner Program?

    Please contact us via the inquiry form. When doing so, select the appropriate option under "How can we help you?". We will then be happy to arrange a meeting to answer your questions.

  • Are there any costs for me as a PQFORCE partner?

    No. You receive free training from us, which you complete with a certificate. You pay only with the time you spend for this training and the partnership in principle. You conclude a partnership agreement with us, which regulates all details. After the certification you will be able to support PQFORCE customers as a service provider and thus expand your business. Thus, with a PQFORCE partnership you gain much more than it costs you.

  • What if there are no training courses available right now or the dates listed don't suit me?

    We continuously offer new training courses for interested partner companies. Simply contact us so that we can inform you in good time when new course dates become known. You may also be able to register at short notice, as long as places are still available.

  • Can anyone become a PQFORCE partner? What are the requirements?

    Basically, we train companies as PQFORCE partners, not individuals. However, the company naturally names individual employees who then attend our training courses and receive a certificate as a person in the respective role. Through the certification of the employees, the company is then also certified.

    However, not every company is suitable for certification. We attach importance to companies that already have many years of consulting experience in the project business and also have a high affinity for IT. Furthermore, we are primarily looking for companies in German-speaking countries, as we conduct the training courses in German. Also an on-site presence is required, the courses do not take place online.

    We will check the suitability for certification in initial discussions with you. Simply contact us to arrange a meeting.

  • Can I also acquire several partner roles? Maybe even in the same course?

    Yes, this is possible. The different partner roles require the participation in different training modules. Module 1, for example, is already sufficient for the role of "Sales Partner", but together with modules 2 and 3 it is also a prerequisite for the role of "Consulting Partner". Thus, by participating in these three modules, you can also obtain both certificates at the same time. However, you can also attend only module 1 at a first course and be certified as a "Sales Partner", in order to then catch up on modules 2 and 3 at a later point in time at another course.

  • Does the role of "Sales Partner" make me a PQFORCE salesperson?

    You decide that for yourself. We do not oblige you to do so under any circumstances. The role "Sales Partner" is rather meant as a sales support. Thanks to your network in the consulting business, you help us find interested customers by introducing them to PQFORCE and its added values. We then take over the actual sales process. But you will profit in case of a contract conclusion with the customer. And possibly even doubly: on the one hand, because you receive a commission through the contact referral, and on the other hand, because as a "consulting partner" you can then also look after the new customer straight away, thereby providing services for system implementation and support.

  • Is such a short training at all sufficient to support customers with services around the platform as a PQFORCE partner?

    We want to keep the entry hurdle for new partners low and enable a quick start with a short but intensive basic training. But it goes without saying that participation in the course alone is not enough. We expect our partners to deal with the PQFORCE platform independently and regularly and to continue their own training. For this purpose, we provide appropriate online documentation and provide each partner company with an exclusive demo system (Enterprise Edition) free of charge.

    We will also offer training courses from time to time and invite partners to participate to refresh their knowledge and learn about the latest PQFORCE features and enhancements. This is part of the partnership agreement that we sign with each partner and captures the spirit of a good partnership.

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