Holistic planning and controlling

PQForce takes a holistic approach: Enterprise-wide planning is a complex issue that is done by many people with different roles on all levels. Portfolio managers take care of a set of interdependent projects. Project leaders are in charge of their project, plan tasks and look for resources. Project members do the tasks assigned to them.

Similarly, project actuals are generated at the bottom and summarized on the way up. Project members report their efforts spent. Project leaders do controlling and status reporting. And portfolio managers report to the management.

  • Plan top-down: portfolios, projects, tasks, todos
  • Report back bottom-up: efforts, progress, project status

PQForce takes a best-practice approach

No dogmatic textbook approach, no overloaded feature sets. PQForce provides exactly what it takes. No more, no less. Our platform was built from the idea to its current release with input from Swiss leading multinationals.

We took good care of the opinions and hands-on experience of practitioners and future users. What does really matter in project management in daily business? What features do you miss from current planning and spreadsheet applications? Which features can you do without?

PQForce was built in an evolutionary way. From screen designs, to mockups and prototypes, until we developed the final product. Every step was carefully taken under consideration of all our partners. With the sole purpose of providing THE tool for multiproject and resources management.

Swiss-made Software-as-a-Service

PQForce is, by and large, Swiss software. With everything that this entails. Nothing else.

  • Software that is designed and engineered with Swiss precision and sense of quality.
  • A cloud application that runs in a secured environment under Swiss laws.
  • And professional services that build on privacy and trust.

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