Be always on top of your projects

Stop working on time-wasting maintenance tasks by bringing together all your projects, portfolios and resources. All in one place. All in real time.

  • Quickly organize your projects
  • Optimize your team's workload
  • Effortlessly monitor and report
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The unique platform: holistic business management in real time

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Seamless integration of all planning levels

Start mastering enterprise-wide management complexity. With PQFORCE's holistic approach to project portfolio, project and resource management.

Plan top-down: portfolios, projects, tasks, todos

Easier monitoring and control for portfolio managers, better project planning for project managers, and greater transparency for teams.

Reporting from the bottom up: Services, progress, status reports, cockpits

Facilitate team collaboration and reporting of results. Help your project managers to do a better controlling. And give portfolio managers automatic status overviews.

Developed through experience, not mere theory

No dogmatic textbook approaches, no representations overloaded with functionality. PQFORCE has been and continues to be developed in an evolutionary manner. From screen design to prototypes to the final feature: At every step, our customers and partners are involved in the development with their practical experience.

Swiss-made Software-as-a-Service

PQFORCE is 100% Swiss software. Nothing else.

Designed and implemented with Swiss precision and quality standards.

A cloud solution from a secure data center under Swiss law

Professional services based on discretion and trust

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