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Let PQFORCE talk to third party systems

Connect PQFORCE seamlessly via interfaces with existing third-party products such as an ERP system or Microsoft 365 environment. This is possible with the PQFORCE Enterprise Edition.

Integrations made easy

PQFORCE has an open REST API. Third-party systems can be connected via PQFORCE Agent. The PQFORCE Agent runs as a Windows service on your environment. On the one hand, the PQFORCE Agent communicates within your network with the respective third-party system via the available interface technology (REST, SOAP, XML file exchange, etc.). On the other hand, the agent uses the REST API to the PQFORCE server. Secure inside-out connections are established from your corporate network to the Swiss Cloud.

We also offer standardized PQFORCE agents for various standard systems. These are in particular:

  • SAP (file-based via XML/IDoc or via web service)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Exchange Server

The integration of PQFORCE with third-party systems must always be approached on a customer-specific basis. Even if standard interfaces are available and a standardized PQFORCE agent can be used, the specific data to be synchronized from one system to another must still be mapped. Contact us for advice on this. We offer concrete services with our system specialists.

Data import and export on file basis

Even without system integration with automatic data synchronization, you can pull data from PQFORCE or read it into PQFORCE. Manual file export and import options are available for this purpose.

Microsoft Excel



Microsoft Project

Let your project and resource data from PQFORCE flow seamlessly into other systems.

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