Preconfigured or tailor-made? Slim or extensive?

PQFORCE is available in various editions that differ in terms of functionality and configurability. This means that we cover every type of organization, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations. The right solution for every company. Simply start with the Starter Edition. An upgrade to a more comprehensive edition is possible at any time.


The cost-effective starter edition: Ideal for initiating professional project and resource management. The Starter Edition comes preconfigured and is lean and reduced to the essential functionalities.

Ann Miller

Team leader

PQFORCE Starter is ideal for Ann. She is a team leader and is responsible for a handful of projects with her team of 12 and reports to her supervisor Chris. She needs a tool to get a handle on her people and projects. With PQFORCE Starter she has found the ideal tool:

It has a basis for joint project planning and overview of employee workload.
The price of the Starter Edition is easily within their financial competence.
And you can get PQFORCE from a secure cloud and not rely on your IT.

Are you in a similar situation as Ann? Then you should try the PQFORCE Starter Edition!

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PQFORCE Advanced

The solution for SMEs: Perfect for raising your project and resource management to a higher level of maturity and making portfolio management a matter for the boss. The Advanced Edition comes preconfigured, and depending on your industry, you choose the industry-specific features that are right for your organization.


Managing Director

PQFORCE Advanced is the best choice for Chris. He is the managing director of a medium-sized company with around 200 employees. He needs a platform to make timely decisions. All information from customer projects should be present in the management at all times. With PQFORCE Advanced he has found the ideal solution:

He has a functioning portfolio management and thus has a real-time overview of the customer projects.
He no longer fights with the Excel sheets of his department managers, but can make simulations with real-time data.
And he uses a professional solution at attractive conditions that are otherwise only available to large companies.

Are you in a similar situation as Chris? Then you should try the PQFORCE Advanced Edition! It will be available here in the webshop soon.

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PQFORCE Enterprise (Executive)

The solution for companies with higher demands: You already have an organization-wide established project and project portfolio management and the processes work. However, much is based on Office templates. What you lack is real-time information and a basis for decision-making to be able to simulate project changes and effects on your resources at any time.


Site Manager

PQFORCE Enterprise Executive is made for Sara. She manages a production site for a corporation and is responsible for around 1,000 employees. She has already achieved a high level of maturity in project management processes, but is flying blind in terms of resource utilization. She is convinced that she can significantly increase the productivity of the site with more transparency and consistency. With PQFORCE Enterprise Executive, they have the right solution:

It can map the proven processes in the platform in a configurable way, allowing its staff to continue working according to familiar methodologies.
Thanks to its high scalability, it can monitor missing capacities on a daily basis if required and is thus able to act at any time.
And the semi-automatic status reports of the project managers now have a much higher quality and significance than before.

Do you know Sara's situation? Then you should take a closer look at the PQFORCE Enterprise Edition!

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PQFORCE Enterprise (Unlimited)

The solution for organizations with corporate structures: You want a uniform system for project, project portfolio and resource management across the group in order to be able to report uniformly across locations and to use synergies. And you are not willing to compromise. The existing methodologies have been optimized and are to be adopted, but they are based on the principle of "management by Excel". You now want to complete the digital transformation and thus obtain efficiency gains and simulation options.



PQFORCE Enterprise Unlimited is made for George. He is the CIO of an international corporation with over 12,000 employees. He has already successfully implemented a cross-site ERP system, but until now has struggled in vain to find a corresponding platform for the project business. His biggest problem is the inhomogeneous file-based planning data in all business units. He is confident that with harmonization, more consistent processes, and faster information flow, he will be able to provide management with a faster decision-making basis. With PQFORCE Enterprise Unlimited, he finally has the right solution:

It can configuratively map the established governance in the platform and integrate third-party systems.
The different PM phase models for stage-gate and agile projects are mapped in the same platform.
And the IT outsourcing strategy has also been implemented; the new platform runs in a Swiss private cloud.

Does George's story sound familiar? Then take a look at the PQFORCE Enterprise Edition!

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Shared or dedicated server?

With the PQFORCE Enterprise Edition you have the choice between several operating models: You obtain PQFORCE from the cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or you opt for on-premises operation. In the case of a SaaS model, two variants are open to you. And we guarantee that everything is operated in the Swiss Cloud. 100% Swiss, that is.

Shared Server: Inexpensive and convenient

This model means software-as-a-service in its purest form: There are no additional operating or maintenance costs because these are already included in the license price. Data backups and basic support are also included. And feature upgrades are automatically installed on a regular basis - after prior notice, of course.

Dedicated Server: Independent and powerful

Here you decide yourself when we should import available feature releases. An individual maintenance agreement takes care of this. And by choosing high-quality servers exclusively for your system, you ensure even more system power. For a dedicated environment, various server models are available starting at EUR 599/m.

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