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Seamless integration of projects with resources

PQFORCE is a unique web application that ensures cost optimization in project portfolio and resource management and end-to-end transparency. PQFORCE connects all business units and locations of a company as well as all project participants in the simplest way. PQFORCE significantly increases productivity and efficiency in the company - thanks to its real-time architecture with a best practice planning approach.

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Project-oriented leadership for successful enterprises

PQFORCE is not just "another project management tool". PQFORCE is more: a management tool, specifically developed for organizations that want to become project-oriented. Projects are the new processes, the planning and management units in our dynamic world. And PQFORCE is the digital platform for it.

PQForce is not "just another tool". It aims at being the tool to lead an organisation, specifically designed for enterprises that aim at organising themselves in a project-oriented fashion.

It is the project which is the key notion here. Projects are highly dynamic. So projects need leaders and resources to be done. It is precisely for this purpose that we provide PQForce.

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