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Modular design to cover all needs

PQFORCE includes various data modules that are organized by object types and interlock seamlessly. The various PQFORCE editions differ, among other things, in the modules they contain.

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PQFORCE basic modules

The PPM module for project portfolio and project management and the HRM module for resource management form the core of PQFORCE. With this, the basic needs of every project-oriented company can be covered.

Project Portfolio & Project Management

Classic and agile project planning (Gantt or Kanban)

Task management (TODOs)

Project life cycle with workflows and change recording

Scenario-based planning alternatives and simulations

Fully integrated resource allocation from project planning

Automatically filled project status reports with release workflow

Project portfolio overviews with cockpits

Risk management

Resources Management

Interactive organization chart

Dynamic composition of project team with own overviews

Capacity and utilization overviews

Absence planning

Task scheduling within organizational units

Working time models that can be adjusted over time (entries/leavings, changes in workloads, cost rates, etc.)

Reporting of presence time (clocking in/out) and activity recording at task level

PQFORCE additional functionalities

Various other functions are included in PQFORCE. Thus, even higher demands of organizations with a high degree of maturity in project management can be mapped. All of these additional functions are included in the PQFORCE Edition Enterprise.

Cost management

  • Entry of cost items in the project
  • Assignment of cost items to tasks for the dynamic generation of cost progressions
  • Configurable cost elements
  • Portfolio cost overviews (budget, planned, actual and forecast costs)

Skills management

  • Management of skills as a tree structure (hierarchy)
  • Linking skills with human resources (configurable skills levels)
  • Skills-based capacity and workload overviews
  • Skills-based search of persons for task allocations

Project Portfolio Simulator

  • Ad-hoc simulation of plan changes in any project
  • Add single projects or entire portfolios as well as resources via drag & drop
  • Immediate visualization of workload effects by drag & drop of project tasks
  • Show/hide entire projects with a click
  • Storage of any portfolio scenarios

Cross-cutting functions


  • Role-based dashboard
  • Release workflows
  • Email notifications

Ease of use

  • Own favorites (1-click access)
  • Various Drag&Drop functions
  • User-specific settings per view


  • User and role management
  • Global system settings
  • Regional holiday calendars
  • etc.
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