Off-the-shelf, or rather made to measure?

Plan faster, better and more sustainably with PQForce.

All is included with PQForce! All modules, all functionality and all feature releases to come are at your disposal during the whole contract period. So you get a complete and modern planning and controlling instrument, which covers all your needs. That's our promise to you.

The question is rather: Do you want a pre-configured off-the-shelf solution? Or rather a tailor-made solution that can be adapted almost arbitrarily to your needs? That's why we provide PQForce in two editions.

Executive Edition

The Executive Edition is a pre-configured off-the-shelf solution and consists basically of everything that a modern enterprise needs for portfolio, project and resources management. Subscribe the volume pack you need and start off. Contact us so that we can show you this edition and find the volume pack suitable for your organisation.

What many people don't know: The Executive Edition can partly even be adapted and can be used on a shared but also on a dedicate server from our Swiss Cloud. Dedicated servers are available from EUR 299 per month.

Unlimited Edition

Made for more freedom, and for more adaptability! The Unlimited Edition is the solution that can be made to measure. You can choose: Use PQForce either from our Swiss Cloud (like the Executive Edition), or as an on-premises installation within your own IT infrastructure or the one of your IT partner.

But what Unlimited Edition also means: You can get the platform configured in many ways and to your taste. With our assurance that all adjustments will remain releaseable at any time! Sounds good? It is.


Shared or dedicated server? Actually, it's not that important. Both are in our Swiss Cloud. Nevertheless, here's the difference.

  • If you decide to go for the operating model Cloud on a shared server, all operation costs are included in the licence fees. Hence, you save a lot of money, which you would otherwise invest into your own IT infrastructure.
  • On the other hand, with a dedicated server you decide on your own if and when you want to do the next upgrade. And still, you get our support for an older release which we might still run for you. You get this advantage of a dedicated server from EUR 299 per month. For this money, you probably wouldn't be able to operate your own server.

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