PQForce Connects Projects With Resources

PQForce is a digital platform that links all the people involved with project planning and resources management. It connects project management with the line management. PQForce is all of this in one:

  • A planning tool for project managers
  • A monitoring tool for line managers
  • A collaboration tool for project teams
  • An enterprise market platform to supply and demand resources

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Project-Oriented Leadership for Successful Enterprises

PQForce is not "just another tool". It aims at being the tool to lead an organisation. But not just any kind of organisation. PQForce is designed for enterprises that aim at organising themselves in a project-oriented fashion.

It is the project which is the key notion here. Projects are highly dynamic. So projects need leaders and resources to be done. It is precisely for this purpose that we provide PQForce.

PQForce – Your compass and steering wheel to manoeuvre your enterprise in today's often unpredicable markets.

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