Project Manager

There's no longer any need to struggle with obscure Excel data, countless emails and phone calls to reliably plan your project. For Bob, we have a better solution.

Bob's story

Bob finds that his project success is always in question, even though he puts in an enormous amount of planning and coordination. The relationship between effort and return no longer fits by far.

His superiors and clients, however, always demand project status reports from Bob and sometimes want to see detailed evaluations.

Bob usually has to rely on statements from resource managers and team members to do this, although he doubts their credibility.

Bob is not alone in this: 72% of all project managers also list these problems.

Project management in a dynamic environment is not an easy task

In hectic times with various project involvements to keep all progress and changes always under control... But with the right tool you can master these challenges.

3 reasons why you should not plan your projects with Excel

Again and again we encounter the same situation: Project plans are kept in MS Project files and resources are planned with Excel. And this is not only the case in small, manageable companies. No - large companies in particular make do with these tools time and again in all business areas. Our white paper shows why this is anything but optimal in most cases and what risks a company runs in doing so.

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