Managing Director

There's no longer any reason to struggle with obscure Excel data, countless emails and phone calls to reliably run your business. We have a better solution for Georg.

George's story

Georg finds that the company's success is stagnating and that resources are being used in projects in a way that is anything but optimal. All this despite the fact that the entire company is making an enormous effort in planning and coordination. However, the scheduling of new customer orders cannot even be simulated.

However, the Board of Directors always demands up-to-date reports from Georg on current business and in some cases wants to see detailed evaluations.

Georg usually has to rely on statements from department heads for this, although he knows that their data probably does not correspond to the truth either.

Georg is not alone in this: 85% of all managing directors suffer from this.

Management in a dynamic environment is not an easy task

In a dynamic, project-heavy environment, always keeping the various business units under control and never losing the overview... But with the right tool, you can master these challenges.

In 7 steps to project-oriented management

The business world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, dynamic and therefore unpredictable. Long-term strategies and efficient processes are losing importance. Instead, project-oriented working methods, agility and flexible, adaptable business models are in demand. You often don't know today what your customers will need and order tomorrow. But how do you manage to achieve the necessary project orientation and close customer orders with a good profit margin every time? Here we try to give you a step-by-step guide. Set sail, set out for new shores and master the change successfully.

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