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There's no longer any reason to struggle with opaque Excel data, countless emails and phone calls to reliably schedule and manage your employees. We have a better solution for Ann.

Ann's story

Ann finds that her leadership skills are repeatedly questioned, even though she puts in an enormous amount of planning and coordination. The workload of her employees from the projects is often disproportionate to the basic activities in the line unit.

However, top management repeatedly asks Ann for utilization and capacity overviews of their unit and sometimes wants to receive detailed evaluations and statements on feasibility.

Ann usually has to rely on statements from her team for this, although from experience she cannot always rely on their subjective assessment.

Ann is not alone in this: 89% of all line managers also list these problems.

Team leadership in a dynamic environment is not an easy task

Staying in control of your resources in a matrix organization with constantly changing priorities and requests from project managers isn't exactly easy.... But with the right tool, you can master these challenges.

Fitness test for companies: Are you using your resources optimally in projects?

In the project business, more personnel resources are typically required than are actually available in the company or can be provided from the line. In addition, project managers are usually required to have very specific qualifications over a limited period of time. These challenges can only be met with outstanding resource management. And this is part of a company-wide project and portfolio management, which must function hand-in-hand with the operational and line organization. Many companies therefore work in a matrix organization, in which human resources are deployed in parallel in the line as well as in projects and are managed from two sides. Here we show how this tightrope walk succeeds.

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