We help you to become better

Our aim is to make your enterprise better – faster, more flexible, more efficient, and more effective. PQForce is the tool for that. However, a tool is just a tool. It's the people who use it that make the difference. Together with their way of collaboration, i.e., the business processes. But to start into this journey, there's only one motto:

Your will leads the way.

Introducing a tool like PQForce means change. You change the way people work together. And to make this happen, there needs to be a conscious and well-thought decision from the top.

Once you have decided to go that way, INTRASOFT – apart from providing PQForce – together with our partner company HELVETING offers the following professional services to accompany you on your way:

  • Business Process Analysis & Design
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Change Management

We get you started with PQForce

PQForce is a software-as-a-service solution. As such, it can be set up for your enterprise in no time. It just takes a few clicks to prepare your PQForce tenant and provide it for you.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of a few things before you start. How are your users to apply PQForce on a daily basis? What kind of projects do we plan and manage with PQForce? Do we need interfaces with third-party systems? Which master data do we need to import initially?

Our services help you, to start fast:

  • System configurations (based on our out-of-the-box product)
  • Implementations of interfaces to third-party systems (based on our API)
  • User instructions and trainings

We train you to get fit

PQForce is built together with end-users. We took good care of all their needs in order to make PQForce as intuitive as possible. We believe that hardly any training will be needed to make the users work with PQForce in an efficient manner. Convince yourself by trying it out

If you still think that your users could do with some help, we gladly support you with the following services:

  • Starter Package – an introductory course that is synchronized with the start of a pilot or a broad initial rollout of PQForce in your organisation
  • Focus Course – different courses with tips and tricks to enable a user to do specific every-day tasks
  • Administrator Course – a specific course for system administrators, particularly helpful for on-premise installations

Zum ersten Mal hier? Bleiben Sie auf Kurs.

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