High Flexibility and Performance

To make one thing clear: There is only one PQForce. It is a standard solution for all customers. Everyone gets the same PQForce. But with different flavours.

Superflexible due to a generic data model

PQForce was built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. It begins with a highly generic data model. E.g., almost anything can be used as resources: employees, organisational units, skills, but also tools, materials etc.

Supereasy due to a modular graphical interface

But flexibility is also key in the graphical user interface, i.e., in the webbrowser. The modular user interface of PQForce is based on web components, a new web standard. This allows for object-oriented and therefore extremely fast  implementation of new controls and views for our customers and users. Without shaking the foundation of PQForce, our server.

Superfast due to a slim interface and a high-performance server

Finally, the interplay between browser and server is top-notch: PQForce relies on an actor-based backend-system and a slim RESTful interface, which can also be used by third-party systems.

That's not just words. Let us convince you. We'll gladly show a demo of the possibilities of PQForce.

Your Benefits

You can call it customizable, configurable, parametrizable. We just call it PQForce. Our architecture allows for a wide spectrum of options.

Get your own data object attributes

Special object numbers? Particular project types? You can have it.

Get your own data views

You need a particular view on your project portfolio? Or on your resources? You can have that.

Get your own theme

You want PQForce in your corporate design? You can have that, too.

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