PQFORCE – Newcomer und Senkrechtstarter unter PPM-Tools

Im aktuellsten Bericht "PPM-Praxistest" schneidet PQFORCE im Vergleich mit dem Wettbewerb mehr als nur beachtlich ab.

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About the Author

I help our B2B clients to master the transition into the new, agile world of modern leadership. Lean management, project orientation as well as digital transformation are key notions in my daily work.

An efficient «Run the Business» is no longer sufficient – an effective «Change the Business» and the continuous effort to adapt to changing markets are paramount for sustainable success in today's business. And for this, one needs the right mindset – that's what I most care about.

My experience from countless contacts and encounters with business leaders helps me enormously to accompany our clients on their journey: Away from rigid processes that focus on internal organisation towards a dynamic, project and customer-centric enterpreneurial culture. Adequate IT systems and focussing on novel ways of digital collaboration always build a foundation for long-lasting success.

Daniel Hösli is Managing Director at INTRASOFT AG.

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