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We recently launched the PQFORCE Starter Edition. And with this launch came a completely revamped website and a new corporate design. With this article we want to show the background for this change of scenery. For us, it is far more than a mere adaptation of the logo. Rather, it is an expression of our values.

Once upon a time...

It all began around 2006 in the then management of the "HELVETING Companies" with the Gretchen question, which is probably asked by all service organizations that are active in a dynamic project business: How do we optimally organize our resources in all the organizational units and locations? In such a way that a maximum number of customer orders can be handled simultaneously and satisfactorily for all clients. And also in such a way that all resources are deployed in the best possible way, i.e. according to their skills, and are utilized as evenly as possible.

When evaluating suitable software solutions, it quickly became clear to us that the desired platform did not exist. No matter where we looked and asked, most customers, including many large international companies, were using self-made, distributed Excel applications. This was the birth of the idea to develop a platform like PQFORCE and to close a gap in the market.

After the acquisition of INTRASOFT AG in 2014 and subsequent development time of about 3 years, PQFORCE was born and launched.

Old PQFORCE logo

The platform's lettering at the time could never deny that it had sprung from the engineering world. A bit edgy and cold, and not very emotional.

The natural evolution of our values

In the last few years since its launch, our PQFORCE platform has undergone tremendous development - both in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. All this was only possible thanks to a close and always cooperative partnership with our customers. Through their needs and critical feedback on the product, they have repeatedly presented us with development challenges and thus driven us to peak performance. This is the only reason why we can claim with a clear conscience that PQFORCE was developed according to good practice, if not best practice.

And our development team has not only grown numerically during this time, but also in terms of the tasks. Every challenge has brought us further and welded us together as a team. We have decided to reflect this organic development of our team spirit with a new website and a new brand and to communicate our values to the outside world.

Our values

Our new brand - modern, dynamic and elegant

Building on these values, we have given ourselves an identity and refreshed our public image. The new colours and the geometric shape of the logo are intended to express innovation, openness and trust. The logo is at the same time a fusion of the letters P and Q and also of dynamism and precision.

Construction of the new PQFORCE logo

The new logo is modern and expresses a whole new feeling compared to the previous one. It is more stylish and at the same time gives a friendly and inviting impression of what we offer with PQFORCE: P for power and precision in the project business, but also Q for quality and quantity.

2 variations of the new PQFORCE logo

This expressive and clear brand has thus recently already taken its permanent place in our platform and in the various media. And we will continue to work continuously on doing full justice to the values it expresses at all times. Measure us against it!

We hope that you like our new appearance.


About the author

Managing Director INTRASOFT AG

Dr. Daniel Hösli is Managing Director and Lead Consultant at INTRASOFT AG, whose SaaS solution PQFORCE is the leading platform for agile, project-oriented business management. He has been involved in the development of project management systems on a daily basis for 15 years in a consulting and project management capacity - both organizationally and technically - and thus has the experience from countless contacts and tasks from a wide variety of companies and different management levels.

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