Executing more projects and raising the revenue at lower costs?

Optimizing the project workload of your business unit?

Improving the reliability and transparency of your project plans?

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What makes PQFORCE unique

All inclusive

PQForce seamlessly connects all three vertical levels: portfolio management, project management and task management. And horizontally too. PQForce covers both sides: line management and project management – for matrix organisations. PQForce ist the all-in-one solution for project-oriented SME.

Super-easy and super-fast interface

PQForce comes with a simple navigation principle and makes you feel your data. Contexts get visualized and related data become reachable with a single click. Complicated menus and annoying waiting times were yesterday.

Zero installation

PQForce is Software as a Service from the Swiss cloud. Subscribe, configure and start. Without installation and complicated interfaces to 3rd-party products. And if you nevertheless need it: Of course we will also install PQForce in your IT infrastructure and integrate it with your existing systems.

Best Practice from Swiss Multinationals and Service Providers

PQForce was and continues to be developed in collaboration with a large number of Swiss multinationals and service providers. We keep implementing best practice from the industry. This ensures that we can keep our promise: Swiss-made Software-as-a-Service, in every respect.

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